Microwave Products(Thin Film Technology), Build To Print Thin Film Products(Stanoff & Heatsink), Hi-Reliability Capacitors, Multi-Layer Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, Precision variable Capacitors, EMI Filters, Non-magnetic components.

RF Filters

microstripline filters  offer classical filter topologies yielding excellent performance in a small footprint when fabricated on ceramic substrate materials.

Cavity Filters

Ceramic cavity resonator technology can be employed in conjunction with DLI’s stable, high Q ceramics to create highly selective, small, low loss bandpass filters.

High Power Filters

A very new technology to overcom power handlng limit in microstripline filters. Up to 50W CW for the amplifier.


Cavity Resonators provide an ideal solution for high performance, low-cost microwave, or millimeter wave oscillators. The patented high-Q cavity resonator devices are fully shielded and designed on our temperature stable, high dielectric constant ceramics.


Wilkinson dividers,  Resistive Dividers,  Custom Versions


High frequency directional couplers incorporating DLI's high permittivity ceramic materials.

EMI Filters

Available in C and Pi configurations, current ratings up to 20A.

Gain Equalizers

Gain Equalizers were designed to compensate for module Gain Slope. Excellent, repeatable microwave performance is achieved by application of precision thin film fabrication and DLI’s high

Bias Network

Bias Filter Networks which are designed to filter RF signals from bias and control lines from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. For self biased MIC GaAs FET amplifiers, this device integrates source

Build to Print

The ceramic materials listed are manufactured in plate form for use in the fabrication of custom build to print products [parts designed by customers and manufactured using DLI thin film processes]

Heatsinks & Standoffs

Heatsinks are fully metallized on all sides and are used to dissipate and absorb heat. A Standoff is much like a Heatsink however it is typically metallized on only the top and bottom surfaces.

Single Layer Capacitors(SLC)

Temperature stable /Hi-Q matching, Decoupling/ DC blocking, Higher Capacitance Density(V Series).

Multi-Layer Capacitors(MLC)

Hi-Q , Hi-Voltage, Hi-Temperature MLC to suit a variety of applications. Available in 0402 to 8060 chip sizes with capacitance values up to 22uF as standard.

Broadband Blocks

Resonance free DC Blocks with ultra low insertion loss up to 40GHz.

CAP Assemblies

The Cap-Rack (US Patent 6,058,004) is an assembly of individual chip capacitors, bonded with high temperature epoxy and Custom Assemblies.


Knowles Precision Devices is the world's leader in the design and manufacture of precision trimmer capacitors. Through our brands Voltronics and Johanson Manufacturing our engineering team works closely with customers to develop leading-edge technologies to solve all of their tuning needs for variable capacitors.

Planars and Discoidals

The multilayer planar array is an application specific multi capacitor array designed for use in multi-way EMI filter circuits. Derived from discoidal capacitor theory, it provides capacitance between the outside perimeter and the internal through holes.

Netcom is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of tunable filters,
RF amplifiers, LC filters, and integrated assemblies for the military, aerospace, wireless communications, and medical industries. The firm offers design engineering services, build-to-print manufacturing services, and design for manufacturing services for RF and microwave components and complex communication assemblies. Given extensive experience across several markets, Netcom is poised for new and ongoing growth into several emerging markets including tactical radios, software defined radios, unmanned vehicles, next generation avionics systems, and modern medical imaging systems. The vast experience of the engineering team has proven time and again to be a strong asset to customers in need of incorporating new technologies such as co-site mitigation and frequency hopping.

CX Thin Films is a privately held company that specializes in providing components to the RF, microwave, telecommunications, fiber-optic, defense, and aerospace industries. Our seasoned staff has decades of production experience in high reliability thin film products. We are focused on providing a broad variety of high-quality resistors and electronic components. All design and manufacturing is carried out in our 17,000 ft2 facility including 2,000 ft2 of class 10000 clean room area. Our ISO 9001 certified, ITAR compliant facility is in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA.